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Live Escape Room is an exciting, challenging and unpredictable game where a group of 2 to 8* people get locked up in a room. The goal is to escape within 70 minutes. In the room you'll find puzzles, riddles and unexpected clues. As a team you will have to investigate, solve all the puzzles and complete the mission!

*Depending on the room

Friends & Family
A challenging experience in which you will get to know your friends and family better than ever before. Escape010 has hosted many bachelor parties, birthday parties and other friends and family related events. With our location we can host big groups for up to 13 people per Live Escape Experience. Contact us for groups with more than 13 people.
An Escape Room is ideal for corporate events, assessments. Our Live Escape Rooms offer various team-building activities and challenges; facets to which, among other things, the communication, intelligence and perseverance of a team will be tested. At our location we have space for large groups up to 13 people per Live Escape Experience. Please contact us for groups of more than 13 people.
Are you a online gamer who likes to play Escape Room games on the PC or smartphone? Or are you a true fan of board games, real-life quests or geocaching? Then visit Escape010 and try out our challenging Live Escape Rooms.
Rotterdam is a fantastic city in which there is a lot to be discovered! Make your stay in our town even more exciting by playing on of our Escape challenges. Because apart from icons like the Markthal and the Erasmusbrug your stay in Rotterdam isn't complete with a brain challenging experience in one of our rooms. Visit our Tripadvisor page to view all the positive feedback we got of customers from all over the world.
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The best rooms you'll ever escape!
70 min - Rotterdam is under the spell of a psychopath. A maniac that kidnaps people and subjects them to the most horrific crimes. He offers them an impossible choice: us or them?
Book Of Mystery
70 min - Legend has it that there's a mysterious book in a house with dark forces. Everyone who has been looking for it has never been seen again. Are you able to unravel the mystery of the book and escape the house?
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Teambuilding for companies.

Are you looking for not only a fun activity but also a valuable outing for your company? Escape010 brings you the latest group activity that lends itself perfectly for a unique and successful business event. The game stimulates the group dynamics and challenges the members of the group to work together.

Through good communication, coöperation and interaction, the mysteries are solved and the team can escape the room 70 minutes. Contact us for more information.

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